Air filtration systems

LNS look beyond productivity – “cleaner productivity”
The mission of the LNS Group is to imagine, design and provide solutions, accessories and services automating manufacturing worldwide. In order to achieve this, the Group strives to be the global leading provider of 1 stop solutions for the machine tool industry. To succeed, LNS went one step further with the acquisition, in December 2010 of FOX I.F.S which became LNS Fox S.r.l, and is since then able to provide air filtration solutions for a cleaner, healthier and safer work environment for production facilities.

LNS FOX History
FOX I.F.S was founded in 2002, with the objective of providing high quality solutions for the elimination of air pollution inside workshops. With over 10'000 units installed worldwide through a global sales network, this small entity has gained excellent reputation among end users and machine tool dealers.

LNS FOX solution
LNS FOX offers a very broad range of products for the elimination of pollution problems that are normally present in production facilities: oil mist, dry dust and smoke.

Oil Mist Collection
Pollution created by metal cutting machine tools working with all kinds of coolant can be eliminated with the two following series:

WS Series: high efficiency and compact design. Can be installed directly on the machine-tool.

Assessment of air quality
Upon request, LNS FOX provides a complete consulting service to analyze the air quality in the workplace and measure the level of pollution. The analysis is carried out with sophisticated instruments (laser particle counter and volumetric pump).

Design of the solution
Based upon several factors such as production layout, type and amount of pollution, LNS FOX can recommend the best possible solution to ensure a safe working environment for employees, in compliance with regulations in place. The installation is carried out by well-trained technicians.