LNS Europe


2015 Opening of LNS Deutschland GmbH

2009 Opening of LNS Turkïye

2005 Launch of the Japan Business Development Team

2003 Acquisition of Fedek Machine Co.

2003 Centralisation of European production in Orvin

2002 Acquisition of Turbo Systems Inc.

2000 Participation in Fedek Machine Co.

1992 Opening of LNS United Kingdom

1990 Opening of LNS France and LNS Automazione

1975 Launch of the Hydrobar technology

1973 Creation of LNS Orvin / Switzerland



Switzerland - LNS SA (Headquarter) 
Production center, sales and service 

Germany - LNS Deutschland GmbH
Sales and service

France - LNS France 
Sales and service 

Italy - LNS Italia srl 
Production center, sales and service 

Turkey - LNS Makine 
Sales and service

United Kingdom - LNS Turbo UK Limited 
Production center, sales and service

Headquarters, Orvin, Switzerland
Azzano San Paolo, Italy
Barnsley, UK