NEW ! Compact, 50-micron filtering Chip Conveyor

Compact, 50-Micron Filtering
Chip Conveyor Delivers Superior Efficiency & Reliability

LNS are proud to introduce our latest CCM innovation in the form of a compact, 50-micron filtering chip conveyor. We listened carefully when you told us that, although some traditional chip conveyors can filter coolant to 50 microns, they eat up precious floor space and require a high initial investment. That’s why we took an innovative approach and designed the SFcompact chip conveyor using a patented, integrated, self-cleaning, dual filter system.

To enable the SFcompact to live up to its name, we built the entire filtering system into the rigid frame, so it uses no more floor space than a typical hinge belt conveyor. In most cases, you can even use your existing coolant tank, which makes this affordable chip conveyor an even better value. Best of all it handles most chip types and sizes from stringy stainless steel to fine brass and aluminum.

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SFcompact Chip Conveyor