SE 880

The LNS SE 880 spindle extension can be used to load and guide bars up to 1600 mm in length, making it the perfect accessory to a short bar feeder. Thanks to the spindle length of the lathe and the additional spindle extension, 3m bars can be loaded and guided in half length. This reduces the number of remnants, extends autonomy and increases productivity. The stability of the spindle extension SE 880 and it’s guiding tubes, for the diameter range of 8 to 80 mm, allow the system (hydrodynamic guiding tube) a low-noise and low-vibration guiding of the bar to machine parts with optimal cutting speeds.

Specifications SE 880
Diameter 8-80 mm
Bar length maximum up to 1600 mm*
Permissible spindle length 750 to 1200 mm max.
Spindle height 920 to 1350 mm
Guide Hydrodynamic/guiding tube
ISO 100 oil 10 Lt
Control Via the QLS III or QLS 80 S2
*depends on the lathe's configuration, to be confirmed when ordering