Single-piece spindle reduction tubes

LNS manufactures and supplies top-quality liners designed for all lathes. This, in combination with LNS loading systems, guarantees improved guiding in headstocks at lower cost.

Spindle reduction tubes

Accessories for short lathes

Spindle reduction tubes are an indispensable accessory for lathes when working with bar material.
They significantly improve the quality of the guiding in the spindle area.
  • Perfectly straight
  • Lower vibrations
  • Optimum speeds
  • Longer tool life times
  • Guiding adapted to the material diameter
  • Simple installation and removal
  • Diameter selection to the nearest mm
LNS spindle reduction tubes are made of drawn, sanded and galvanised steel tubes for spindle diameters ≤ 55 mm/≤ 72 mm/≤ 85 mm/≤ 105 mm.
The adaption parts are designed specifically for the clamping system diameter.