Alpha 212 S3

The Alpha 212 S3 is the ideal entry-level solution for loading small-diameter bars, from 2 to 12 mm. Its straightforward use, compactness and efficiency are crucial production assets for fixed or mobile headstock lathes.

Specifications Alpha 212 S3
Diameter ø 2 – 12 mm
Bar length 3 m 3200 mm
Loading system Screw
Loading capacity Up to 20 bars
Loading side Right/Left
Headstock Fixed/Sliding
Synchronization Electromechanical
Remnant length Min. 90 mm / Max. 300 mm
Remote control Colour touchscreen
Longitudinal movement 400 mm
Diameter changeover 2 mm (within the guiding channel range)
Full diameter changeover 10 mm (for all guiding elements)
Motor Servo motor
Drive Belt
Guide Hydrodynamic / Guiding channel
Oil 30 L, ISO VG 100
Options Adjustable 2-positions longitudinal movement