Turbo MF2

Thanks to its two-storey conveyor concept: a hinge belt above of a scraper belt, the Turbo MF2 is a conveyor designed to remove all chip shapes made of different material and to provide superior filtration down to 50 microns. The upper conveyor is a hinge belt type removing larger chips, and the lower conveyor removes finer and smaller chips trapped in the conveyor.

            Mixed-shape coarse or stringy
Mixed material, aluminium
Filtration to 50 microns


Upper conveyor separates heavy chip load from filtration conveyor. Ideal for multiple material applications, including material chunks, stringy, bushy, and large chips. Also for heavy chip loads from today’s advanced machining techniques. Lower conveyor is scraper-type, ideal for removal of small particles carried through the upper conveyor. Fines trapped by the filter drum are deposited on the incline.

Low maintenance
Self-cleaning filter drum provides particle-free coolant to 50 microns for the most demanding tooling applications. Extends coolant life and tooling life for cost-saving operation.