Alpha 320 S3

The Alpha 320 S3 is the LNS entry-level solution to load small diameter barstocks for fixed or sliding headstock machines. The easily adjustable loading fingers and manual front rest ensure optimum bar guidance and high performance. The Alpha 320 S3 is a highly productive and economical automatic bar feeding system for round bar stock diameters from 3 - 23 mm.

Specifications Alpha 320 S3
Diameter ø 3-23 mm
Bar length 3200 / 4200 mm
Loading system Side load rack
Loading capacity 270 mm
Loading side Front/rear
Headstock type Fixed/sliding
Max. remnant length 430 mm
Partial changeover 2 min (in the same channels)
Total changeover 10 min (for all guiding elements)
Front rest 2-positions, pneumatic
Bar selection Manual
Motor Servo
Drive Chain
Guiding Hydrodynamic / Guiding channels
Oil ISO 100 30 L

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