Express 112

Innovative and efficient, the Express 112 provides maximum productivity and sets a new standard offering the smallest footprint in its class. The bar feeder ensures perfect guiding of bars at the highest speeds, over the entire range of diameters thanks to the Hydrobar® technology.

Specifications Express 112
Diameter ø 0.8 - 12mm
Bar length 2m/3m 2200 / 3200
Loading system Screw
Loading capacity Up to 30 bars
Loading side Right / left
Headstock type Fixed/sliding
Synchronization Electronic "3S"
Remnant length Min. 70mm / Max. 230 mm
Partial changeover 2 (within the guiding channel range)
Total changeover 6 (for all guiding elements)
Motor Servo
Drive Belt
Guiding Hydrodynamic / Round channel
Oil ISO 32 or 68 30 lt
Weight 2m/3m 400 / 500 kg


Z axis retraction 350mm
External bar storage system