Tryton 107 Watch Industry

The Tryton 107 Watch Industry (WI) is a Tryton version intended for the machining of bars with a diameter of 1 to 7 mm. Its functions have been tailored to the specific needs of the microengineering industry.

Specifications Tryton 107 Watch Industry
Available versions CNC / Cames
Diameter 1 - 7 mm
Bar length 2m/3m 2000 mm/3000 mm
Loading system Barrel
Loading capacity A: 45 (d 1-5)
B: 36 (d 1-7)
Loading side Right/left
Headstock type Fixed/sliding
Synchronisation Pressure valve
Remnant length Min. 70 mm/Max. 230 mm
Partial change 2 mins (within the diameter range of the tube)
Complete change -
Drive Hydraulic pressure
Guidance Hydrodynamic/tube
ISO 100 oil 25 Lt