Turbo Magnetic

The conveyor Turbo Magnetic is specially designed for multi-tasking machines producing fine chips of ferrous material. The Turbo Magnetic features a heavy gauge stainless steel slider face for a long life in extreme wear conditions. All moving parts are contained inside the conveyor’s viton sealed frame so they are never exposed to machining contaminates. The conveyor belt is automatically tensioned.


Fine chips

Ferrous material (cast iron)
No filtration


Self-lubricated Track
No lubrication oil inside the conveyor to leak and contaminate the coolant.

Reduced Coolant Carry-out
A variable speed drive (AC Inverter) is standard on all units to maximize chip removal and minimize coolant loss.

Easily-Replaceable Magnets

Turbo components, including individual magnet segments, are easily and economically replaced if the conveyor is accidentally damaged.